2015 in Review

2015 was a very “interesting” year for me. It was definitely a roller coaster of a year.


May 2015

I’ve told this story plenty of times so I’ll spare you the details but basically this was the month Tyler and I finally met for the first time. My family and I drove down to Georgia and I got to hug and kiss him finally after 9 months. When we got to his town it really started to sink in because I’d started seeing places I’d seen on street view before! The picture above is from our trip. We brought Tyler and my best friend Hannah (Tyler’s cousin) to Florida with us! We went to universal studios and then to the Kennedy Space Center and then finally down to Miami to meet another one of our friends.


June 2015

June was the month of my birthday and my mom took me to a really nice restaurant. My birthday present was matching key chains for Tyler and I which I absolutely adore.


July 2015

July was a great month! Tyler and his family came up from Georgia and visited for a week. We took them to Niagara Falls, Canada’s Wonderland and the CN Tower. I had so much fun showing them around. We had dinners outside on the patio after days of swimming and playing outside. I’ve shown most of you this gif before but this is when we picked them up from the airport. I made a huge sign covered in Canadian stickers and sparkles and lots of red and white for their first trip to Canada. If you’d like to see the whole video click here. If you want to see the video from our trip to Niagara Falls click here. Tyler stayed in Canada for a week after his family went back which of course I loved and then we flew out to Georgia together.


August 2015

I was in Georgia around the time of Tyler’s birthday and I gave him a birthday card and an early 1 year anniversary card! During my trip I had a panic attack that wouldn’t let me fly back on my own which meant my mom had to drive down to pick me up which I still really appreciate because at the time I was being very selfish and rude. The picture for this month is Tyler’s adorable dog Mason.

November 2015

Leading up to this time a lot had been happening. I’d been getting even more depressed and our relationship was just breaking apart. At the very end of November Tyler broke up with me. It was a spur of the moment decision and I had a breakdown. I ended up in the hospital for fear I would do something irreversible and I cried 24/7 while I was there. I took the breakup extremely hard. I loved him so much and wondered why this was happening. Everyone tried to lighten up the situation, but there was no lightening it for me. If you want to read my breakup post for the full story click here (Warning it is extremely depressing and I wanted to delete it but I chose not to. This blog is for the good, the bad, and the ugly no matter how hard it is.).


December 2015

I was finally starting to get a bit better. When I thought of him I would still break into tears but I didn’t fall asleep crying every night. Two weeks into December, he messaged me. We ended up talking on Skype that night and it was like nothing ever happened. We talked for a couple nights and then mutually decided to give us another shot. He came up to Canada during his planned visit on December 26th. When we were together we were so happy. We connected and had fun on his trip up here. We started dating again and we still are. We got to celebrate New Year’s together and it was great. 🙂

As you can probably see, this year was hectic. It was filled with great times, and also terrible times. Whether Tyler and I will stay together is an unknown to both of us. I love him too much to leave him. I’m sorry this post was pretty depressing and kind of a mess but the whole point of this blog is to document our relationship. I will never lie to you guys and tell you our relationship is perfect or even close to it if it isn’t. Thank you for reading and remember to stay positive. 🙂

Inspired by the LDRBN prompt review.

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LDRBN Year in Review!

I convinced Tyler to do this one with me which made me so happy! He’s not the person to do these types of things. I don’t know if it was really a bonding experience for us as we both already knew most of each other’s answers but I definitely had fun and it was an excuse for us to Skype! Here’s some of our answers:

Describe the previous year in three words

Alyssa: Happy, difficult, long

Tyler: It, was, 2015 (He’s such a goof haha!)

Your favourite place that you visited

Alyssa: Georgia!

Tyler: Canada

What was your favourite visit together last year and why?

Alyssa: First visit last May

Tyler: First visit

How do you want to be different this year?

Alyssa: Be healthier

Tyler: “Be a gangster. No that’s lame. Be older. No that’s boring. Do both. Be an older gangster.”

Favourite movie of the year

Alyssa: Inside Out

Tyler: Star Wars

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